We wanted to share our story in order to help other parents and children who have gone through this kind of tragedy. We want to be able to give them support and information to help their child and let them know they are not alone. We have also started a foundation to help families be able to afford the treatments and therapies that their child needs to recover. We also hope to inform people on how drowning and near drowning accidents can   happen to good parents. People often hear of this kind of accident happening and automatically assume the parent was negligent. They do not realize it could and does happen to people just like them. I love my son, my children and I would die for this to have never happened. Yes I made a mistake that day and it tragically caused my son severe brain damage. It caused my family to at times be torn apart, but I did not intend for this to happen and certainly did not neglect my son. Every parent has miscommunication with another parent or adult while watching a child, every parent has had their child out of their sight for at least 3-5 minutes which is all it takes to suffer severe brain damage or death from drowning, and every parent has made mistakes with their children. I say they are just lucky that something hasn't happen to their child, I was not so lucky. This happens far to often and it happens to good parents. So my goal is to educated parents to be aware of the dangers that can harm their child and help to prevent another child from suffering a non fatal or fatal drowning. Its impossible to watch your child every moment of every day, but knowing the dangers that lurk while your child is out of your sight and making sure they are safe is what I can help with because I know all too well. Please read our story and share our website so we can help others to never go through this and help those who have.

Not only are me and my family here to give parents and families the support they need, there are also many groups to do the same. I hope if you have had a child suffer a near drowning or drowning accident that you find the support and information here that you need to get through this tragic time. We are here to help anyway we can. Support groups are a wonderful way for parents to help each other and their child through the most difficult time of their lives. We are providing our contact information and some websites of the support groups we have been a part of over the years. Here families can find other parents and support they may need to get the help and information for their child and  families.

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