​HUGS FOUNDATION FOR NEAR DROWNING CHILDREN

  • The other families we have met along the way whom also experienced a non fatal near drowning accident with their child has been our inspiration to start a non profit organization. My dad Gene started the HUGS Foundation for Near Drowning Children to help these families and other families in need of supplies, treatments and therapies to help their child recover from the anoxic brain injury they suffer from since the tragic accident. Insurance does not always pay for these things and we have learned how expensive it is to get what your child needs when Seth had his accident. So we knew we wanted to help others get what their child needed to help them recover as much as possible.  We have done several fundraisers and have had generous donations made to our foundation to help these children. These children have a long road ahead of them and they deserve the best chance possible to recover. The treatments that most of these families want to do that have great results in helping their child is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and each session cost about $150.-$175.00 and insurance does not pay for these treatments. Each child should do at least 40 treatments to get the best results. Also the cost of the average equipment such as special seating, machines, and the many other things these children need to make their lives better and more comfortable are about $1500.-$2000.00 each. Many supplies are not covered that a child requires,such as diapers thach ties, suction machines and suction tubes only to name a few, and those can cost$100.-$500.00month
  •       Since my dad has battled with bouts of cancer, he has had to stop doing the fundraisers so we are now just counting on donations donations! 
  • If you would like to donate and help these children and their families send a check or money order to

                                                                   Hugs4NDC/ Gene Hostetler

                                                                             843 Ashford St

                                                                       Simi Valley Ca, 93065 

​                                                                    or Contact Gene Hostetler 

​                                                                           (805) 304-3835

                                                                                   for more informaton on how to help

​                                                                              Your Donation is greatly appreciation