AUTUMN, MY SISTER,MY HERO!!  

     My sister Autumn was only 8 years old the day my accident happened and I cannot imagine how brave she had to be to jump in the spa and pull me out seeing me lifeless and blue. She saved my life and I will forever be so grateful to her. She is a true HERO and I wish I could do the same for her. My sister has been so caring and strong though the years always having to come second to me and my care. My sister was so wonderful she just did what she could to not make things harder on my mom and let my mom care for me with out causing any added stress to my mom. My sister is the most amazing person I know and I love her so much. Thank you my big sister Autumn I love you forever. Autumn has dealt with some issues over the years since Seth's accident and had some serious struggles. She went through so much as a child, I hope every one who reads this and knows our story prays for her. Autumn has always helped with her brother and has learned how to care for him in order to help with him. Autumn is such an unselfish person she always knew Seth required so much care and tried her hardest to be a good girl and never asked for help herself. She never wanted to make my Mom deal with more then she already had to with me.Note from Mom: I learned over the years that just because your child is not physically showing signs of needing help doesn't mean mentally they don't. I try to let families know to make sure all their children, not just the special needs child gets the attention and help they need as well. Autumn loves horses and animals, she is such a great horseback rider. Autumn has been in horse shows and placed high in each one she did. She is incredibly caring and loving. I know she will one day go into the field of helping others. Autumn has always been more mature for her age and Seth's accident definitely made her grow up a lot quicker then I had hoped she would. I have been blessed with the two strongest kids I know. Autumn's story is for her to tell one day and what a great story of triumph it will be. Please always keep Autumn in your thoughts and Prayers!!