Seth Before His Accident

Seth's Story

Our story started out on a beautiful September afternoon. The kids and I, Autumn 8 and Seth 21 months were down visiting at my parents home for the celebration that weekend. It was a warm day and the kids wanted to go swimming. I put on Seth’s floaties on and went in the spa with Seth, while Autumn and her friend who was over went into the pool. We were in the water for about a half an hour when my mom ask me to get out and help her prepare for the party. Seth wanted to stay in the spa and knowing that he would want his floaties off if I got him out and he would try to go in the water with out them I thought it would be okay to just let him stay in the spa. The party was going to be in the backyard so I knew we would be right there and my parents pool was not fenced, having a false sense of security with the floaties and trusting he would be okay I got out and we began decorating. My mom had her back toward me and I went into the garage to switch the laundry I was doing so that when the party was over the kids and I could head home. My mom not knowing I had come in, went into the house to get some stuff to clean off a table. We were both in the house for only about 3 minutes when we heard Autumn yell for us and our hearts sank, we knew something was very wrong, you just knew from the terror in her voice.

My mom was only feet from the backyard and ran out there. Seth had been pulled from the spa by Autumn and laid on the bricks next to the spa. His lips were blue and he was lifeless. My mom yelled for me to call 911, which I did. I couldn’t bare to see Seth like that so I went out front screaming and waiting for the paramedics to arrive. The neighbors must have heard our screams as they came running! My mom was giving Seth CPR when the paramedics arrived. They were there within minutes and worked on Seth for about 30 minutes, they could not get Seth to receive oxygen, because his lungs went on lock down because he was learning how to swim and was holding his breath. He was stable enough to take to the local hospital where the doctors put him on a ventilator and got him breathing again. Seth went 20 minutes with out oxygen by this time. My parents had to stay behind to talk to the police to see what had happened and that is when we learned that one of Seth’s floaties had a hole in it either by him biting it or it just happening, but either way he was able to get it off and then remove the other one too. Finally my parents got to the hospital and my family who was also coming over for the party started showing up at the house when they learned what had happen and also came to the hospital. We were there for a couple hours and then Seth was stable and needed to be airlifted to Los Angeles Children's hospital that could care for him better. 

Every hour the doctors came in and told us Seth was not going to make it. They did CT scans, MRI’s, blood work, and xrays everything indicated Seth had severe anoxic brain damage. Everyday for that first week they told us to make funeral arrangements and to prepare ourselves. We even talked about donating his organs and what the funeral should be like. This is the worst conversation a parent has to have. My family and friends were there everyday giving us support and love. Over the next couple weeks the doctors told us Seth may survive, but his quality of life would not be good. They told us Seth would need a tracheotomy for breathing and suctioning, and may never come off the ventilator. He also needed a G-tube for feeding. Since Seth was not on life support the doctors told us we could choose to not suction him and let him choke and drown on his secretions. They also said we could choose to not feed him and let him starve. They said that either way Seth would pass and this would be best for him and us. I could not believe they were asking me to do this to my son. I told them they were not God and until my son’s heart stops beating they need to do what ever it takes to help him.

So the trach and G-tube was put in and we were taught how to care for him. We spent 31 days in the hospital with our son when the doctors told us we could finally take him home. They said there was nothing more they could do. I asked what therapies and treatments we could do for him and they said there was nothing, They said Seth would not live more then five years and if he did he would not see his 20th birthday for sure. They said Seth would get sick over the years all the time and that illness would probably be the reason he passes. There was no hope given, no care plan in place, nothing given to us by the doctors. Thankfully my family had contacted a mom who had a son who nearly drown a year before Seth and she had called me while we were in the hospital. She had given me hope, she told me of therapies that could help Seth and that did help her son. I began my research and found all I could to help Seth get the recovery he deserved. Seth was coming home with severe posturing, he was in a coma and on 7 different drugs, he had constipation, he was vomiting his food up, he couldn’t see, he couldn’t feel, he was needing constant suctioning, he had no swallow or gag, and needed constant care. We took him home and our new lives with our new special needs son began.

I dove into getting Seth better we started 6 weeks after his accident with Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment and did them 5 days a week once a day. From there we also did Acupressure, Osteopathic, Chiropractic, Physical and Occupational therapy, music and light therapy, massage, water, stem cell, movement lessons, oral stimulation, and anything I thought would help.

Seth has had progress the doctors never thought he would have. After 20 HBOT Seth started to need less suctioning, his body got looser, and he was coming out of his coma. I also took Seth off 6 of the medications he was on and with in two months after his accident Seth was completely out of his coma. Seth soon after these treatments and with continuing treatments he stopped being constipated, he needed less suctioning, swallowing got better and gag reflex got better, he is able to bend his knees and move his arms, he started seeing lights and shadows, he got sensation back in his body, he responded to sounds, and over the years he has began sleeping normally, being able to let us know when he is uncomfortable, he stopped vomiting and can be fed through bolus feeds, he understands us when we talk and most of all he smiles. Seth also has had only 4 serious illness over the last 13 years. Seth has had many miracles and over the years we have learned that nobody, not even doctors know how much the brain can heal. We in no way would of ever been better off letting Seth pass away. Seth has taught us all so much and we made a purpose out of our tragedy by being here for others who experience this and also sharing our story so other families do not have to endure this tragedy. We started a foundation to help other families with the cost of treatments, therapies and equipment that insurance doesn’t cover, because we know how expensive they are and want every child to be able to get these treatments that have helped Seth recover and help their child get the best recovery they can!


                                                                                Seth After Accident